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What's new in Jmeter

What's new in Jmeter

The new version of Apache JMeter is out with more features and more bug fixes. Let's see what changes and updates have been made in Apache JMeter 5.0.

Some of the new and noteworthy changes are.

  • Java version 8+ is required to run JMeter 5.0.

  • Now we can use Multipart/form-data for PUT and DELETE methods as well. It's now possible to send files along with the JSON body.

  • Now JMeter will automatically prefix the thread name with the load engine hostnames and port for distributed testing without any other configurations, which helps us make a count of threads correctly while reporting.

  • A new element, Xpath2 Extractor, provides easier XML namespace handling, with up-to-date XPath syntax and better performance.


  • The Flow Control Action and Result Status Action Handler elements make it easier for loop breaking and loop switching to the next iteration.

  • The Search feature has improved and now lets you iterate in the tree over search results and make necessary replacements through the Next/Previous/Replace/Replace/Find buttons.


  • Now we can view the Response and Request headers separately in the View Result Tree Listener tab.

  • Now, while recording, we can see a popup at the top for naming a transaction when we are navigating through the application.

  • We can now restart JMeter from the File menu.


  • The HTML report now has a custom Graph section where we can customize metrics as JMeter variables through sample_variables.

  • A new function has been introduced, __threadGroupName, which gets the ThreadGroup name.

  • The CSS/JQuery Extractor was renamed CSS Selector Extractor, and Test Action was renamed Flow Control Action.

These are some of the features improved in JMeter 5.0.


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